Updated 2010

Some of the artists who appeared on Snatch Tapes

Storm Bugs
Everything about the Bugs

David Jackman/ Organum
Official web site/discography.

Lemon Kittens
Their myspace page

Cultural Amnesia
Recently resurfaced group from Snatch 2.

Alien Brains
No site, but info on a couple of Mr. Jacklin's tapes

Michael Denton
Appears on Snatch 3 and Telephone Music now works as part of AV group Overlap

Philip Sanderson
One half of the Bugs and Snatch Tapes supremo, this link is to his installation/video work

Steven Ball
Other half of the Bugs, this site features his work on video.

Sea of Wires
Link to the discogs page for this obscure duo

Labels re-issuing Snatch Tapes material

Issued the Storm Bugs LP Up the Middle Down the Sides.

Die Stadt
Reissued the Sanderson/Jackman Terrain 10 inch, also many of Organum's releases

Robot Records
Reissued Up from Zero by David Jackman

Vinyl on Demand
Released Snatch Paste compilation LP and Storm Bugs Supplmentary Benfit LP

Anomalous Records
Released the Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey CD Reprint.

Seal Pool
Released the Seal Pool Sounds CD by Philip Sanderson

Hear some Snatch Tapes Sounds

Radio WFMU and kFJC have been great champions of Storm Bugs and other Snatch reissues, go to their sites for net streams of current and past shows